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12 March - Selwyn Press - Newsletter

Monday 12 March 2018

We are delighted with the success of our Pupil Council, an elected group of pupil representatives.  They will be at Brompton this week, participating in a seminar about moral, religious and spiritual development.  The council provides an excellent opportunity for our children to have a say in the running of our school - next term, I will be hosting a Question and Answer session so that I can hear from them directly.

Thank you to all parents who attended our Book Fair last week, and who purchased a book.  To further extend access to books, the library will now be open between 3:00 and 3:30 for parents to use with their children - we hope that many parents make use of this new provision.

We continue to focus on keeping our children safe online, and on celebrating good attendance at school: we are delighted that 3 classes have this week achieved 100% attendance.  This focus, plus our ongoing celebration of children for demonstrating the 5Cs at school - courtesy, care, commitment, co-operation and consideration, provide an essential foundation to school life.

Our year 2 children enjoyed a fantastic interactive science lesson last week, with an introduction to the Newton meter.  Selwyn Press captures some of the images and feedback from an excited group of children!

Looking ahead to the spring break - the weeks of Monday 26th March and Monday 2nd April - we are pleased to be able to offer a Holiday Club which will run at Portway.  Details are available in Selwyn Press; please speak to the school office re further information and how to book.

Finally, please note that our Learner Conferences will take place on Tuesday 17th April and Thursday 19th April, with the dates already in the school calendar.  We look forward to welcoming parents to school to discuss their child's progress.

Emma Nicholls

Executive Head teacher

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