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15 February - Selwyn Press - Newsletter

Wednesday 20 February 2019

As I complete this half term's final newsletter, the children are already enjoying their well-deserved half term break.  A busy week of a busy half term is described in the newsletter, highlights of which are:

  • Year 4 supported the work that they are doing in science through looking at differnt sorts of plants in the school garden, learning about the difference between flowering and non-flowering plants.
  • Year 3 took part in a very successful project with a local organisation called SUBCO, which provides day care for elderly local people.  Please see the newsletter for further news about this worthwhile partnership.
  • Congratulations to 2B with 98% attendance this week, and to both 5B and 6H with 99%.
  • And of course - not fogetting our final Stars of the Week this term - please see the newsletter for a list of all our Selwyn Stars.

Wishing everyone a restful half term break, and we look forward to seeing the children at school on Monday 25th February.

Helen Mawer

Head teacher

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