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BBC filming at school - Down on the Farm - spring term

Monday 10 April 2017


Thanks to our resident gardener Cassie Liversidge who has been running a series of gardening workshops at school, we were selected to take part in the new CBeebiees series Down on the Farm.  Our photos of the day are available here.

There was much excitement at the crew's arrival at school, particularly when we learnt that they had come all the way from Scotland to spend the day with us.  The children met the cameraman, producer, sound engineer and Storm, one of the programme's presenters - and learnt an awful lot about television production!

The crew stayed with us all day in order to get the three minutes of footage for the episode that teaches children about worms and composting - episode 5, which will air on he 26th May.

The children were fabulous ambassadors for our school.  They were enthusiatic participants in the process, who demonstrated all our of '5Cs' - courtesy, committment, care, cooperation and consideration throughout the day.  They learnt their lines (and managed to say them without being put off by the large fluffy microphone right in front of them) and held on to wriggly worms with great aplomb!

As the filming drew to a close, one of our children said to the producer: 'You know, I have a great idea for your next programme.  I think it should be about flowers: everyone loves flowers!'

Congratulations to everyone involved.

Claire Stewart (Executive Deputy Head teacher) and Cassie Liversidge (resident gardener)

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