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Our governance meetings

Our school is part of the Leading Learning Trust. The trust is a charitable company, limited by guarantee.

The trust has three members, and is governed by a group of eight trustees. Details of these are available on the trust documentation page of the Leading Learning Trust website. The trust documentation page also contains details of the governance structures in place.

The Governors and trustees page on the website provides details of how the governance arrangements for both Selwyn and the Leading Learning Trust operate.   An attendance register of governor attendance at all meetings is also available on this page.

What is discussed at Local Governing Committee (LGC) meetings?

As part of the Leading Learning Trust, Selwyn is governed through the mechanisms in place for the trust. In addition, Selwyn has a LGC – a Local Governing Committee.

It is the responsibility of the LGC to provide strategic leadership to the school, and to hold it accountable for its actions. Formal meetings are one of the ways in which these duties are discharged. At Selwyn, the governing committee meets once a term. Governors also undertake regular visits to the school. Further information about becoming a school governor in Newham is available here.

The way in which decisions are made at the level of the Leading Learning Trust is described in the scheme of delegation document, which is available to download on the trust document page (on the Leading Learning Trust website).

LGC meetings are held in order to facilitate decision-making in the areas described by the scheme of delegation. They are held on a regular basis, and the attendance of all local governors is documented and is available to download on this page.  The details of what is discussed in these meetings are available from the school office on request, as per our School Information Guide, also available on our trust documents page.

Any further questions should be addressed to the school office.

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