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Our policies

At Selwyn, we have a set of school policies which we regularly review and update.  A number of these are required by law; others we have developed in order to ensure that our processes and procedures in all areas of school life are clear and are understood by all. 

Our policies ensure that we have a robust way of maintaining and improving the high standards that we set ourselves and our children.  Furthermore, they provide all our stakeholders with a ‘road-map’ through which to access information about school life.  Fundamentally, they support our vision of being a learning community for all.

Our policies are also regularly reviewed to ensure that they reflect both best practice and the current legal requirements; our Complaints Policy, our Early Help, Safeguarding and Child Protection, and our Data Protection and Freedom of Information Policy have been updated (March/April 2018) to reflect the requirements of the GDPR - General Data Protection Regulations, which come into effect in May 2018.  Key policies that we are required by law to publish are available as documents to download on this page.  Should there be any others that you are interested in viewing, please contact the school office. 

As detailed in our Early Help, Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy, the Children Missing Education/Looked After Children Lead is Claire Stewart, Executive Deputy Head teacher - who is also the Designated Safeguarding Lead at Selwyn Primary School. 

Finally, as a public body, we have adopted the Information Commissioner’s Model Publication Scheme.  As part of the revisions that we have made to ensure compliance with the UK GDPR, this information is now available in the Data Protection Policy which is available to download on this page. Our School Information Guide details information we make available to the public, and how we publish it. Our Trust also has a Freedom of Information Policy and FOI Request Policy - all details are available on this page of Leading Learning Trust website.


This page was last updated in November 2021

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