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Selwyn Nursery Provision - September 2022

Our nursery provides exceptional facilities managed by highly trained staff.

This is an extension of our ‘Outstanding’ Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and our staff work across this stage to ensure that children get the best possible introduction to learning through play. 

Our facilities ensure that learning takes place in a stimulating, well-organised and exceptionally well resourced dedicated part of our school (for Early Years children only), which was opened two years ago.  

Our provision caters to our youngest children who are three and four years old, when they are invited to apply for a place in our Reception class.  

The children in our care have access to a wide range of activities to ensure they are happy and stimulated.  The nursery facilities and its operations are overseen by our school leadership team, which ensures the highest standards are always maintained.

Details of our activities and teaching can be found on the Early Years Curriculum page of the website.

We welcome all parents considering a nursery place for their child to get in touch today to book a visit.  Staff will be very happy to answer any questions you might have.

Call: 020 471 6173 - visits are available throughout the day


This page was last reviewed in October 2022.

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