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Vision and values

Our vision for our children at Selwyn Primary School 

At the heart of our school is our vision for our children, their families and our broader community.

This vision is based on our belief that the purpose of primary education is to allow children to learn and grow in a calm, safe, happy, stimulating environment. We believe in setting our children ambitious targets, and supporting every one of them to succeed, through the provision of support tailored to their individual needs. We work hard to ensure that children enjoy their learning – and that they are engaged both in the classroom and beyond, through participation in the large number of co-curricular activities we have on offer.

In essence, we strive to be learning community that:

  • Cares for every child, so wellbeing and safety come first;
  • Sets high expectations in the classroom, making learning enjoyable and exciting;
  • Teaches right from wrong;
  • Celebrates good behaviour and achievement;
  • Prepares children to be good citizens;
  • Understands and meets the individual learning needs of children and their families;
  • Equips children for their future through activity and experience, and
  • Reflects and celebrates local diversity and encourages everyone to aim above and beyond.

Links to the Leading Learning Trust vision

As a member and sponsor of the Leading Learning Trust, the vision, values and strategic priorities of the trust inform everything we do at our school.  The document to download on this page provides further details of our trust's Roadmap and Strategic Priorities for the period 2019 - 2023, to ensure that every child attending one of our schools has the best possible education.

Our values and behaviours at Selwyn Primary School

It is a primary aim of our school that every member of the school community feels valued and respected, and that each person is treated fairly and well. In everything we do, we work to ensure that our children, staff and families feel happy, safe and secure. The way in which we work together (i.e. our shared values) supports the achievement of this aim.

We have distilled this way of working into the ‘5 Cs’: courtesy, care, commitment, co-operation and consideration. These apply to all relationships, both in the classroom, around the school, outside school and with partner organisations.

Behaviour that reflects these values is rewarded and celebrated at school. Negative behaviour that is counter to our values is not tolerated.

Further details regarding our approach to behaviour are available on the Behaviour page of our website.

This page was last reviewed in November 2021.

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