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12 February 2021 - Selwyn Life - Newsletter

Friday 12 February 2021
  • First, nursery have made little monsters to do with colours and feelings - and had a lot of fun in the snow!
  • Reception are learning about patterns and have also had fun in the snow and building snowmen.
  • Year 1 are studying shapes and played in the snow...
  • ...while year 2 are learning about acts of kindness and 3D shapes.
  • Year 3 have - yes, you guessed it! - been playing and walking in the snow this week.
  • Year 4 have planned a webpage all about the Amazon.
  • Year 5 are looking at sundials and, in their class blog they took time to reflect on Captain Tom Moore's contribution.
  • Finally, year 6 have been looking at Scandanavia and Charles Darwin and the Galapagos Islands. 

As we start our half term break, I want to thank each and every child, parent and member of staff for the enormous efforts you are making to ensure that our children are able to continue their learning at home.  

We know just how challenging this ongoing period of lockdown is, and appreciate all that parents are doing to support home learning.  We hope that the live lessons we have been delivering via Google Classroom and the opportunities to see classmates using Google Meet have helped our community to remain connected.

Wishing you a restful week's break.

Helen Mawer

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