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26 March 2021 - Selwyn Life - Newsletter

Friday 26 March 2021
  • This week, nursery have been reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and they made their very own porridge!
  • Reception's story they've been looking at this week was 'Monkey Puzzle', and everyone made houses for the monkey family out of blocks.
  • Year 1 have been looking at measuring mass and comparing the weight of objects, reading a book by Grace Buyers and wrote poems on why they're special and came in mufti for Red Nose Day last week!
  • Meanwhile, year 2 programmed beebots and enjoyed reading their two books about giants...
  • ...and year 3 learned about the Great Fire of London, handwriting and designing their own machines.
  • Year 4 have been busy gardening and managed to go out just before the rain!
  • Year 5 focused on plant reproduction by doing a potato experiment in science...
  • ...and finally, year 6 learnt how to make their own web page in computing, all focusing on their topic in history: The Vikings.

We had a very exciting assembly on Friday to announce who had achieved 'Child of the Term'. The teachers had to think long and hard about who that child should be and chose very wisely! Find out in the newsletter here who has received certificates this week and to see in more detail what each class has been up to in their learning.

Helen Mawer

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