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5 February 2021 - Selwyn Life - Newsletter

Thursday 04 February 2021
  • This week, nursery have been busy creating jam sandwiches and making bees.
  • Reception have been looking at Jack and the Beanstalk and have built their very own beanstalks!
  • And year 1 are looking at London in Humanities and creating maps.
  • Year 2 are studying 3D shapes and nets, and have also done a PE session!
  • Year 3 are learning about extreme weather and drawing beautiful illustrations...
  • ...and year 4 are busy baking and blogging for their class diary!
  • Meanwhile year 5 have had a virtual space experience with many exciting activites, even a flying taco! And they performed a virtual violin concert with Lister School.
  • Finally, year 6 are focusing on maths and have also created splendind artworks, including some digital ones.

Look at the newsletter here to read in more detail.

Have a great weekend!

Helen Mawer

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