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Our school day

Start of the day

At Selwyn, we are committed to raising standards in achievement, attendance and punctuality.

Each morning children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 should be brought to their classroom door. Children in Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 should be in the KS2 playground. At 8.50am classroom doors will be opened so children can walk silently into the school to start their learning. Children must be in the playground, ready to go into class at 8.50am to receive their attendance mark on the register. Please refer to the Attendance Policy, which can be found on the Our School/Policies page.

Please note that in order to ensure a smooth start to the school day, children are not allowed into the building before the 8:50am bell, unless it is raining, in which case they can use both halls.

Timetables, breaks and lunch

All year groups have a set timetable that operates from 8:50am until the end of the day at 3:00pm. This includes teaching of all areas of the curriculum (see the curriculum page on the website for further details).

Breaks and lunch times are staggered to ensure that children are able to play with others of similar ages. Key stage 1 (years 1 and 2) and key stage 2 (years 3 – 6) children all have a 15-minute break mid-morning. Lunch times, also staggered, run between 11:45am and 1:15pm, with every year group having a 45-minute break for lunch and play (see outline timetable below).

In selecting our school lunch provider, we always work to ensure that every day, each child receives a healthy, balanced meal. There is no charge for school lunches for any child resident in the Borough of Newham.

Further information, including details of the menus we are currently serving, is available on the Newham website, which can be accessed here.   A copy of the menu is also available to download, to the left of this page.

  Morning Nursery  Afternoon Nursery  Reception  KS1 (Years 1&2)  Lower KS2 (Years 3&4)  Upper KS2 (Years 5&6) 
Start of the school day 8.45am 12.15pm 8.55am 8.50am 8.50am 8.50am
Break (15mins)     10.20am 10.15-10.30am 10.15-10.30am 10.45-11:00am
Lunch (45mins)     11.45pm 11.45am-12:30pm 11.45am-12:30pm 12:30pm - 01:15pm
Home time 11:45am 3.15pm 3.00pm 3.00pm 3.00pm 3.00pm

In our nursery, children are registered for either a morning or an afternoon session. These run as follows:

Morning session: 8.45 – 11.45am

Afternoon session: 12:15 – 3:15pm

End of the day

For all children, other than those attending the afternoon nursery session, the school day ends at 3:00pm.

We ask that all parents arrive promptly to collect their children, and wait outside the main gate until it is opened at 3:00pm. We ask that a parent/carer/older sibling collect all children other than those in years 5 and 6, who we do allow to leave unaccompanied.

Children who have not been collected by 3:10pm will be taken to the school office, and their parents will be contacted.

If your child cannot attend school

At Selwyn, we are committed to raising standards in achievement, attendance and punctuality. Should any child not be able to attend school, a parent or carer is required to contact the school office by 9:00am.

The reason for non-attendance needs to be given, as well as likely return date to school.

In the case of any child not in school for registration at 9:00am, his/her parents/carer will be contacted by phone by our school Attendance Officer.

This page was last updated in November 2019, and includes a download of our school lunch choices between October 2019 and April 2020.

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